Birmingham persioner beaten for £40: Mainstream media silent about race ......

Army vet, 78, left with broken jaw after savage mugging on his own doorstep.
AN Army veteran was left bruised and with a broken jaw after a thug beat and mugged him on his doorstep for just £40. William Hopkins, 78, was bleeding from his head and nose after being ambushed from behind in an unprovoked attack.

The frail pensioner was knocked out cold by the savage thief who rifled through his pockets as he lay on the ground – stealing his wallet and a priceless memorial card of his late wife, Margaret.

And the veteran soldier – who served in Borneo in the 1950s – was devastated after his injuries meant he had to miss last Sunday’s Remembrance Day parade.

Police hunting his attacker have now released the shocking pictures in a bid to catch the thug.

Shaken William, from Birmingham, said: “I can’t remember anything, not even calling the ambulance. I don’t know what he did to me, how long I was out for, or how I got into my kitchen to make the calls.

“I was in hospital on Remembrance Sunday, so I had to miss the parade for the first time ever, which I am very upset about.

“I’m on the mend but my vision isn’t 100 per cent because of the damage he did to my nose.

“I can’t eat very well with my jaw being so swollen.”

Cold It is thought the attacker came from behind and knocked him to the floor then rifled through his pockets as he was out cold on the street.

West Midlands Police have CCTV footage suggesting a man saw William at Ladbrokes in the city centre, watched him and followed him home.

Recovering William added: “I remember walking through my gate and seeing a blue bag, but that’s it.

“I suppose it’s a good thing not to remember the attack, I don’t have to think about it and I’m not constantly looking over my shoulder at anyone who might be him.”

William, who served in Malaya and Borneo between 1952-1954, attends the remembrance parade every year but was forced to miss it while he was being treated at City Road Hospital.

His daughter, Patricia Kurila, 52, said: “It was awful, I got a call from him and ran round straight away. He was covered in blood. We were so worried, but we’ve made sure his locks are sorted on the house.”

Detective Constable Lee Dawson, of Birmingham West CID, said: “The pictures show how horrific his injuries were and we want to hear from anyone who has any information about what happened.”

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